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Brass or Monel Inline Duct Heater up to 565°F and 5 kW Power; Air Duct Heaters for Round Ductwork with Metal Enclosure. C$1,645.00 $ --Item# DAB-30/240V.

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Lower values such as 0.6-0.5 kW/ton chillers (COP of 5.9 to 7.0) may indicate energy efficient equipment, but part-load performance should also be examined. The COP of absorption units is in the range of 0.4-0.6 for single-effect chillers, and 0.8-1.05 for double-effect chillers.

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Specification; Power Supply (Ph-V-Hz) 380-415/3/50(60) Cooling Capacity (kW) 33.5: Heating Capacity (kW) 37.5: Net dimensions (W×H×D)(mm) 1120×1558×528

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We are good quality supplier of Tutco Electric Duct Heater, Silicone Rubber Heater, Electric Coil Heater from China. 250 To .875 Coil Diameters Electric Coil Heater OEM / ODM Acceptable Anti Oxidation Open Coil Heating Elements / Open Coil Heater 40W - 350W

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3.Determine kW rating. Standard heaters are available up to 50 kW. 4.Determine duct size. Three standard sizes are available and transition sections can be provided for other duct sizes. 5.Verify air flow requirements. The table on the following page lists the minimum air flow (SCFM) required for each heater type. 6.

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ProLine ® XE Tankless. When it comes to high efficiency tankless water heaters, no one comes close to matching the expertise and innovation of A. O. Smith. With higher efficiency ratings and groundbreaking designs, our ProLine® XE tankless water heaters feature non-condensing and condensing technology and are part of a new era in water heating.

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Capacity 0.5 - 39.9 kW 0.5 - 500 kW Minimum Size 8 x 8 8 x 8 Maximum Size 36 x 36 120 x 144 Controls 1 or 2 stage Pneumatic Stage Step SCR control Vernier SCR (Larger kW) Pneumatic Thermostat Room Room Duct Two frame types are available: • Slip in - allows you to slip the heater into the opening in the ductwork.

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Full range of circular duct mounted electric heater batteries. Duct diameters from 100mm to 315mm. Heating ranges from 0.8 Kw to 3.4 Kw. Galvanised steel casing and electrical junction box. 5 Year Blauberg warranty. Electrical Air Duct Heaters

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Open coil duct heat exchangers offer the most cost-effective solution and simple application. This heating system applies to more low kW applications and is more economical. Finned tubular duct heat exchangers require a high kW output to reduce watt density. This type applies to outdoor and harsher environments.

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Capacity and stages are dependent on voltage/phase and heater dimensions. Capacity: 39.9 kW maximum. Stages: 3 maximum. Certifications: UL 1996 . IDHE The IDHE is a universal duct heater that eliminates the need for right- and left-handed designs. The IDHE has the following features: Six mounting positions with vertical up and down flow ...

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Lower values such as 0.6-0.5 kW/ton chillers (COP of 5.9 to 7.0) may indicate energy efficient equipment, but part-load performance should also be examined. The COP of absorption units is in the range of 0.4-0.6 for single-effect chillers, and 0.8-1.05 for double-effect chillers.
6.0kW / 5.0kW. The EcoCore AP50 sets a new standard in super energy efficient heating and cooling. With Dual Barrier Coating that prevents dust and dirt build-up on the inner surface, the EcoCore AP50 stays clean year-round; maximising efficiency and home comfort.
STANDARD OPEN COIL DUCT HEATERS. Brasch has developed HUA and HUP heater lines to satisfy most typical space heating requirements, simplifying specification, ordering and delivery. Both standard and quick ship delivery programs are available for the full line of HUA and HUP heaters. HUA and HUP heaters are available up to 456 KW.
Apr 17, 2013 · Heaters are provided with properly sized terminals at no extra charge. Field supply wires must be sized to carry at least 125% of heater line current except when the heater is for space heating, is over 50 KW, and not more than 3 wires in the conduit. Under those conditions the conductors may be sized at 100% of the heater line current.
Maximum Heater KW: 16.5 KW per Square Foot of Duct cross Section For EDH & RHE Models Minimum Air Velocity: See Fig 5 & 6 Maximum Inlet Air Temp: 110 Deg. F Maximum Heater KW: 30 KW per Square Foot of Duct cross Section All Models may be flipped and rotated as long as the diffusor/radiant screen is moved to the inlet air side where applicable

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Electric duct heaters with integrated temperature regulator are designed to heat clean air in ventilation systems. Casing is made from high temperature proof zinc coated steel.
5 kW * 1000 is 5 MW, not 5000 W. Also, the correct units is kW (killo-Watts), not KW (Kelvin-Watts)). You are right in that the instantaneous peak current is higher, but for sine waves it is higher by the square root of 2 from the RMS, not the square root of 3.